Ambulatory pumps can be used for the administration of Antibiotics, TPN, Chemotherapy and Pain Control. All of these pumps are compact and can be carried around in a pouch with the medication while it is being administered.

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Enteral pumps are used when a tube feeding needs to be administered slowly over an extended period of time. Usually when the patient cannot tolerate gravity fed Bolusus administered via a 60cc syringe.

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Pole mounted pumps are convenient when a patient is unable to move around and bring the pump with the medication along with him whenever he gets out of bed.

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Syringe mount pumps started out as an economical way to administer the medication without the expense of bags and tubings. It regulates the rate at which the medication infuses. More and more frequently the rate syringe medications are infused is becoming less of an issue. They are still sometimes necessary in certain types of medication administration but less frequently used.

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