At Oso Home Care, our clinical team monitors patients receiving enteral nutrition ordered by their physician. The clinical team includes nurses, pharmacists and dietitians who have been trained in providing enteral nutrition. Oso Home Care has developed a Clinical Pathway whereby patients on our service are initiated onto a proper enteral nutrition program, or the existing nutritional program is evaluated.

Our trained clinicians evaluate for the correctness in the type and amount of enteral nutrition that is being provided, including the daily calorie, protein and fluid intake that the patient requires. Once the patient is receiving enteral nutrition, our clinicians monitor each patient's progress and are available to provide recommendations in case the patient experiences complications such as weight gain/loss, GI side effects or other complications.

Oso Home Care Provides Comprehensive Enteral Nutrition Services to All Types of Patients Including:

  • Pediatrics
  • Adults
  • Geriatrics
  • Patients requiring enteral infusion pumps
  • Patients requiring specialized feeding formulas