Oso Home Care, Inc. offers a Palliative Care Program that provides services that are aimed at relieving a patients' symptoms and pain. Oso's Clinical Team supports the patients' medical care plan by addressing their physical, psychological, emotional and social needs. Our Clinical Care Specialists are qualified to plan and implement a safe and effective program for patients who require IV therapy within a Palliative Care Plan. Our goal is to provide the best in specialized palliative care services so patients can remain at home to preserve their independence and adapt to lifestyle changes during challenging times. Home Infusion Therapy services can relieve much of the stress experienced by patients and families and is an alternative to hospital care. OSO's Palliative Care Program is supported by a clinical team that works in partnership with your primary physician, nurses, social workers and family caregivers.

Oso Palliative Program Components:

  • Patient Self-Management Protocols
  • Caring and Compassionate Clinical Staff
  • Palliative Care CEU Program
  • Aggressive Symptom Management
  • Alignment with Patient and Family Goals
  • 24/7 Availability