Oso Home Care offers oncologists and patients a high level of clinical expertise in the delivery and management of cancer therapies. We offer years of insight in dispensing chemotherapy drug regimens that support patients in all settings. We work with the oncologist to determine the best site of care for their patients.

Oso's experienced clinical staff of pharmacists and nurses qualify each patient prior to therapy based on the identification and assessment of needs. Key criteria in the development of patients chemotherapy regimen is based on: patient safety, patient's disease state and past therapies, length of infusion, clinical stability, drug and drug regimen and insurance reimbursement.

Prior to admitting a patient on home chemotherapy the following criteria are assessed to ensure patient safety, satisfaction and positive outcomes:

  • Patient Motivation
  • Home Environment Safety
  • Care Giver Support
  • Patient is Medically Stable
  • Chemo Agent is Safe for Home Use
  • Lab Values Meet Therapy Guidelines
  • Patient has an Appropriate Access Device