Oso delivers high quality personalized care and infusion management services for patients on Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) therapy. The goal is to provide cost-effective delivery of complex drug therapy that ultimately reduces hospital days. Our TPN program maintains the patient in a clinically stable condition throughout their treatment. We can assist with the prevention of potential complications, through clinical oversight of the patient's condition, to produce positive therapy outcomes.

TPN Program Components:

  • Identification and Assessment of Dietary Needs
  • Certified and ACHC Accredited Class 5 Cleanroom Practice
  • TPN Formula recommendation and adjustment
  • Evidenced-Based Clinical Protocols
  • Collaborative Practice Models
  • Patient Self-Management Protocols
  • Ongoing Process Assessment Resulting in Improved Outcomes
  • Ongoing Collaborative Communication between Patient, Physician, Health Plans and Ancillary Providers

TPN Indications:

  • Collagen Vascular Disease
  • Congenital Anomalies
  • Crohn's Disease
  • GI Neoplasms
  • Hyperemesis
  • Hypermetabloc States
  • Malnutrition/Malabsorption
  • Mesentric Artery Infarction
  • Mitochondrial disease
  • Pancreatitis
  • Pseudo-obstruction
  • Radiation Enteritis
  • Short Bowel Syndrome
  • Weight Loss Surgery Complications

The Oso Clinical Team Manages All Aspects of Patient Care Through:

  • Weight tracking
  • Glucose monitoring
  • Central line maintenance
  • Feeding tube maintenance and site care
  • Transition to oral diet
  • Micronutrient deficiency assessment
  • Anthropometric measurements
  • Fluid and electrolyte monitoring
  • Intake and output assessment as applicable
  • Convenient and friendly delivery services
  • Financial impact and assistance from community, manufacturer and/or government programs
  • Referrals to community and national support groups