Pole mounted pumps are convenient when a patient is unable to move around, but still allows the patient to bring the pump and medication along with them.

Zyno Z-800F

The Zyno Z-800F infusion pump has four primary purpose-driven design objectives that are central to the development efforts: simplicity, saftey, reliability, and durability. The purpose-driven design objectives were met to create a diverse range of clinical use-cases necessary for the infusion pump environment. This provides a pump that is intelligent with multi-therapy programming modes that include: Continuous Rate / Time / Volume Infusion.

Unique Features: The Zyno pump mounts at a 45 degree angle for improved visibility and usability. There is a visual indicator for improved alarm identification and response. It has a removable power plug for improved portability.

Flow Rates: The Z -800F Infusion Pump flow rate range is from 1 to 1200 ml/h.

Volume-To-Be-Infused (VTBI): The volume-to-be-infused (VTBI) range is from 1 to 9999 ml in 1 ml increments.

Free Flow Protection: The Z-800F Infusion Pump has a built in free flow clamp to prevent inadvertent free flow when the set is loaded in the pump. The Z-800F Infusion Pump also has an IV Set based anti-free-flow module to prevent inadvertent free flow when the set is unloaded from the pump.

Occlusion Pressure: The Z-800F Infusion Pump provides 14 levels of adjustable downstream occlusion alarm thresholds between 4 psi and 30 psi.

Secondary Infusions: Secondary infusions may be delivered at a specified secondary delivery rate and secondary volume-to-be-infused (VTBI) independent of the primary infusion parameters. When secondary VTBI is greater than zero, the pump will always execute secondary infusion first. Automatic changeover occurs to the primary infusion parameters when the secondary infusion is complete. A Zyno Medical proprietary primary administration set with a back check valve must be used.

Battery Operating Time: 8 hours at 125 ml/hr.

Acclaim Encore

The ACCLAIM Encore™ Infusion System is a peristaltic pump that utilizes standard Hospira gravity sets. The pump is a simple, easy-to-use, standard tubing device. This device can be used across the healthcare continuum in the hospital and alternate site areas, including the home care environment.

The ACCLAIM Encore™ pump offers the option of delivering primary and secondary piggyback infusions. It offers the clinician the ability to program secondary therapies in the traditional rate/volume mode or to calculate the delivery rate using the time/volume mode. The ACCLAIM Encore™ features mcg/kg/min dosing with on-board dosing calculation capability. The pump also features a TPN key for nutritional therapy, enabling the clinician to program a taper up or taper down therapy.

Vista Basic

The Vista® basic was designed to ensure simplicity in all aspects of its use: from set installation, to programming, to special mode use and alarm correction. Based on a design that has sold over 100,000 units worldwide, the Vista® basic provides high reliability packaged in one of the easiest pumps to use.
As a workhorse in the outpatient market, it offers a rugged and reliable design, all relevant therapies such as continuous, piggyback and program mode, and a selection of cost-effective, straight line gravity sets.

  • Robust design of mechanical components ensures maximum durability

  • One-year standard warranty and multiple warranty options are available to meet your future service needs

  • Two-year preventive maintenance schedule helps save and money from typical annual inspection requirements

  • Battery life of approximately 3 years before replacement is required

  • DEHP-free sets protect patients. Needle-free sets protect both the patient and the clinician

  • Helpful prompts walk the user through the programming process

  • Easy to use, teach and learn. Perfect for homecare settings


The Sigma 6000+ programmable infusion pump is designed to provide accurate and reliable administration of intravenous drugs and fluids. The pumps infusion rate is selectable from 0.1 ml/hr to 999ml/hr. The pump utilizes standard low cost Abbottt, Baxter, or McGaw micro and macro drip administration sets. To ensure safety and ease of operation, the 6000+ has a user prompting system and a full range of diagnostic alarms.